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General Questions

What is a High Performance Computing Cluster?
  • General cluster information can be found HERE.
Who can use the DEAC Cluster?
  • The DEAC HPC Cluster is a free tool for all Wake Forest University Reynolda Campus researchers and students.
  • Researchers from the School's of Business, Law, Divinity, and Medicine, can use the cluster with a contribution of funds.
How do I get a DEAC Cluster account?

New User Questions

How do I change my password?
How do I log in?
How do I open windows from the cluster?
What kind of hardware is in the cluster?
How many nodes does the cluster have?
What is a scheduler does the DEAC cluster use?
  • The resource manager scheduler we use is SLURM.

User Questions

How do I submit jobs to the cluster?
What software is installed on the cluster?
What SLURM attributes does the cluster use?
How many jobs can I submit?
How does information get added to the wiki?
  • This wiki is intended to be updated with information from users... send us an email with info to

Grants and Publications

I'm writing a grant. Do you have a facility description?
Information:Grant Writing
I'm writing a paper using data from the cluster. Are there any special acknowledgements that are required?
Information:Regarding Publications
My paper has been accepted for publication. Is there anything else I need to do?
Information:Regarding Publications