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Note: We are in the process of migrating to a new Wiki Page! Please be patient as we prepare to migrate content.
Note: Users '''must''' be on a Wake Forest network or connected via VPN to login to the new head nodes!!

Welcome to the WFU DEAC Cluster

The WFU DEAC HPC Cluster is a centrally funded resource, meaning it is a free tool for all Wake Forest University Reynolda Campus researches and students (excluding the School's of Business, Law, Divinity, and Medicine). The HPC Team is here to train users, troubleshoot scripts, upgrade hardware and software, and support user needs.

  • This wiki is the starting point reference for all cluster users.
  • It is intended to be a community resource for information sharing.
  • Any new entries should aim to make the Cluster user experience easier.
  • We encourage all users (regardless of experience) to check the wiki periodically for updates.
  • Wiki entries are categorized for convenience, listed below.
  • In general, lower level categories are for newer, less experienced cluster users.
  • Higher level categories get into more advanced information and steps.
  • Alphabetized categories are linked to special pages.

For help, send email to

Where to begin?

Cluster Usage 2020